Back to Harishchandragad (17-18 May)

This year I could hardly do any treks. Had been busy with the course and also not many trekking opportunities near XLRI and Jamshedpur. I had trekked to Dalma in…Read more

Kalindi Khal Pass Trek

King of Himalayan Treks: Kalindi Khal Pass Expedition (Written by Sameer Kelkar) 16 June 2006 : 5950metres, 19500feet above sea level, dividing the watersheds of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda river…Read more

Trek to Dadimaa (8 July 2006)

You must have also experienced this, you are searching for something and search all places for it and finally find it somewhere known to you. You didnt look at this…Read more

Peb to Matheran Trek (9 Jan 2005)

Not so long break, but still cant just sit at home. Sudhir, my college friend was thinking of trek, but we hadn�t decided the place yet. It was very late…Read more

Trek to Dhak Bahiri (4 Dec 2004)

16 for no loss!!! Till 3rd night it was quite uncertain about the trek. Although trek was decided a few backs earlier. Debate was when to leave. Milind, who had…Read more

Trek to Prabalgad (26 Nov 2004)

K, S, M and Prabal..! Scene 1 (Time: 2 pm, 25 nov) C! Mr. K (read me) working on his computer for a moment realized nothing what happened. It…Read more

Trek to Siddhagad (21 November 2004)

Return of the Bugger! A friend of mine once asked me, why do I trek? I couldn't answer him. I thought of all things I liked about trekking. About the…Read more