Trek to Ajoba: 7 Sept 2003

Passion for trekking is contagious! It was this time when Vikas, one of my trekking partner, forced me to come for a trek. Leaving all work, BTech Project, Placement, IMS SimCats, I along with Anand (Kaa), Sudhir(chillu) decided to go to Ajoba. This time too we relied on literature from net and other resources, and just set off to AJOBA.

Ajoba is one of the highest peak in Sahayadris. To get to the top of the fort, one had to climb the eastern side of it, which itself required long travel. Being short of time we decided to climb the western side of it. Trek started early in morning catching train to Asangaon. Breakfast of Misala pav and kadak chai, was a booster. Taking rickshaw to Shahpur and jeeb to Dholgaon. From Dholgaon we took another rickshaw to the village Dehne, from where the actual trek starts.

During the way of Shahpur to Dholgaon, saw the greenery which was at its best in this season. All shades of green could be found. It was so refreshing.

What we had decided earlier was that we would climb upto Valmiki Ashram, which is somewhere on Ajoba. The rest path to the top was said by many to be risky in monsoon, so we had decided to avoid that. From Dehne, the route was all way along bullock cart track, gradual slope. Saw some snakes in the route(!). And to defy all our expectations about Ajoba, the valmiki ashram came in about an hour, with really very less height gained.We had expected a fairly decent climb from Ajoba, and this was simply a warm-up for us. Finally taking guidance from pujari there we led our way to reach the top (this top is the actual top of the fort, some what halfway of the top, there is luv-kush caves).

So, four trekcomanics started there way between large bushes from behind the ashram. This route was fairly defined, seemed to be used by many, so had no problem locating route. This route was entirely covered with scree, loose and slippery soil and boulders. We made our way carefully and cautiously, crossing stream once and later along the face of the mountain wall, we gradually moved up.

At last we reached a col joining the pinnacle on which cave was there and Ajoba. There is a ladder placed to climb to the cave. But we didn’t climb to the cave, as the rocks there were too slippery. Instead we enjoyed at the col, had lunch of vadapav we had taken from Asangaon. This time we had a good photographer team, Kaa and Soni, excellent in photography and chillu with his digital camera. Not a single good photogenic thing was missed. After about an half hour, fog had started growing, chilly wind along with rain started blowing. The steep climb was going to be troublesome while getting back, so we decided to leave. But our caution and carefulness, helped us out. We reached the ashram in no time. Before we left the place had refreshing bath in the stream and waterfall near the ashram.

The return journey was just a matter of time, gradual slope. Did spend time doing photography. Was bit by a bee during the way, and narrowly escaped placing foot on a snake in the way, was enough to add excitement to the trek! Taking jeeps and rickshaws just like we came, made our way to Asangaon, where train was waiting for us, to end the trek.
Only thing we missed was we weren’t able to get to the real top of the fort, but are determined to do it some other time. In the end, eyes soothed by the nature green, fresh air, some rain chills, and excitement unlimited! So my punch line 😉


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