Trek to Rajgad (13-14 Nov 2004)

King of all fortsAfter about 3 months of trekless period I was restless. I decided totrek to Rajgad, which had been on my hit-list from long time. All my trek friends seemed to be too busy with their lives, that nobody had time to accompany me. I decided to trek alone. It was Kartik who joined me at last moment.

So finally, me and Kartik left for Rajgad early morning of Hindu new year. Taking first train to Pune we reached there by 1000 hrs, took bus from Swargate to Velha (taluka place in pune). After about an hour and half of bus journey we reached a place called Margasani from where we got a jeep to Gunjavane, a small village at base of the fort. To get to top of Rajgad there are 3-4 routes, however the Chor darwaja route is most favoured by trekkers. After our breakfast at village we took the route leading to chor darwaja of the fort. After about an hour we reached a plateau from where the actual climb to the fort starts. At the top, near the fort, steps have been cut in rocks and also protected by railings. Within 2 hours we made the top of Padmavati machi.

Rajgad fort consists of three long ridges leading from the central bale killa (the central place). Padmavati machi/ridge towards the south is where the main temple and water tank is situated. Chor darwaja route leads to this machi. Some historian had aptly said seeing Rajgad that it resembles like a great eagle (the eagle of Swarajya) challenging the north (the moughals who occupied the north).

After some rest, we made our way to Suvela machi. In the way we came across the elephant rock with great orifice. Suvela machi had double layered thick rock walls guarding the ridge. One cannot stop appreciating the architecture during the period of Shivaji. After seeing the Suvela machi, we made our way back and then towards the Sanjeevani machi. However it was dusk till we reached the padmavati machi. Found some good location to see the sunset and then returned to the temple before it went dark.
After an early dinner, we went to sleep. And was then I had worst of my dreams. At about 11 in night some 15-20 young people of base came to the temple. They brought with them my two enemies from whom I had escaped. At night at about 2 in morning, they burst crackers in the temple, it was like somebody had fired in my head which was already aching. I decided to go out and sleep. Thanks to the sleeping bag I had I could sleep in the chilling night in open.

Since we were in open, we didnt need to make any effort to see the sunrise. Sunrise and Sunsets are the two things I hate to miss at any trek. They are so much beautiful. It was now time for some cake!

We made our way back, withing one and half hour we reached the base village. Till we had our breakfast and tea, we got a jeep to Narsapur, place where road meets the pune-satara highway. From here we got another jeep to Pune. Thanks to AC bus we took from Pune we got some 2-3 hours sleep and much need rest. From Vashi we took another bus to Dombivli and had an early end to our trek.

In the end, it was worst of my treks. However got some good shots for my new Nikkon F55 SLR camera (of which the photo shop guy has messed :(( ) Hope I find some peace at my next trek, then
Nothing else matters!

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