Simlipal Wildlife Sanctuary

Feeling very lazy to write a post. Shared some photos. Some basic info

Simlipal National Park, 120 kms from Jamshedpur / 320 km from Bhubaneshwar (Orissa), is a 2,750 sq km sanctuary and a Project Tiger Reserve. Situated in the Mayurbhanj district, the park’s hills, waterfalls and dense foliage hide almost 95 tigers and a number of other species of typically Indian wildlife: elephants, deer, leopards, gaur bison, sloth bears, reptiles, langurs, crocodiles and more than 200 species of bird life.

We were group of 6, with some foreign exchange students from France, Germany and Sweden. This trip had been long in our list, as it is just 120 kms from our college – XLRI. Thanks to some information from DFO and timely holidays. Simlipal Sanctuary is closed during monsoon and opens only in November. Luckily of us, we were one of the first visitors to enter the park, as the park had opened only on 3rd. Rest houses are available at various locations within the park, however one has to carry all necessary food items to cook. Cook is available at the rest house.

We stayed at Gurguria rest house on first night and Nawhna rest house on other. Not much sightings, but definitely ample presence of wildlife felt.

lazy me, would write more about Simlipal WS later.

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