Running tracks around XLRI

running tracks around XLRI – Jubilee Park

Today I had a 4 km run in the Jubilee park for one last time, before I leave XLRI. The climate very much humid and cloudy, I just hoped it would rain (it dint). These tracks had been my companion for last 2 years, specially the last year of my training for marathon.

These two years, I had ventured on various running tracks. My constant desire to run longer took me along various routes, however with availability of water in Jubliee park along road, I did my most of running inside Jubilee park.
Some of the routes are

2.9 km
3.6 km
3.9 km
4.5 km
4.6 km
4.9 km
5.2 km
5.5 km
5.7 km
6.4 km
7.2 km along Subernarekha river
7.4 km
8.9 km
17.5 km
20 km

Roads in Jubilee park are good surfaces for running, though hard and crowned to large extent, it is relatively less crowded (except weekend/holidays). Most people walk/jog in morning in Jubilee park, I was among very few people who run in evening.
I am going to miss these tracks. Hope I find some good running tracks back in Dombivli.

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