updates July 2009

Hello world! Updates

  • Back in Mumbai/Dombivli
  • Completed first quarter at my new job! felt this as an acheivement 😉
  • Found running track of 3.5 km and back to running schedule. Looking forward for Delhi Half marathon in November and Mumbai Full marathon in January
  • Local train commuting has again started. 🙁 Sad part, I have to commute more to reach my office this time than I used to do 2 yrs back. Interestingly, in a day, I use almost all available means of transport – auto, train, bus, taxi and elevator!
  • Music is my only companion this time while traveling. Missing my train friend – Prathamesh – Dadu are you listening…
  • Somehow I have started liking hard metal rock…Metallica is now my favourite, replacing Creed and Byran Adams
  • Frantic – by Metallica is now my favourite song replacing – Nothing else matters… I think that Frantic must have been composed in Mumbai Local Train. One should experience this song at full headset volumes while traversing Mumbai traffic!
  • No Internet connection at home for last 3 months..hence the drought of posts.
  • Internet on Mobile is The next big thing..I have got Vodofone mobile connect subscription and now online 24X7 through my cellphone.. Mobile applications rocks!
  • No treks 🙁 terrible heat this time..hopefully would do one small trek this monsoon. Somehow, running has taken over trekking. No regrets.

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