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Hello Friends!

Greetings for the season and the new year ahead. Hope this mail finds you in great health and mood.

In my first year of Engineering (2000), I participated in inter hostel cross country. It was a 7 km run. I had never ran that much in my entire life. But still somehow managed to complete the race. (though I was bedridden for couple of days). I had challenged myself of running a marathon someday. It took me 8 years to reach a bit closer to my dream. I have registered for the Mumbai Half Marathon in January 2009. I have been training for the 21 kms run since past one year. In my last practice run, I completed 20 kms in 2 hours 7 minutes. I feel confident to complete the run in 2 hours. I know you must be feeling proud of your friend. [or that Kaushal is boasting himself 😉 ] For me its feeling of ecstasy and am excited about it.

But what troubles me is that there are 650 million people Did you know, about 6% of India’s population is disabled? There are millions who cannot even walk. I want to contribute for these people. I want every inch I run be counted for this cause. Through this marathon I plan to raise INR 1,00,000 for NGOs working for physically challenged people.

I look forward to you to pledge your support for my cause; in your own capacity. You can contribute minimum of Rs.10/km and anything above that.

NGO details: ASTITVA (Dombivli, Mumbai) (Statutory details . )
(It is the NGO I know; if you are aware of any such NGO or projects, let me know)

If you interested in supporting the cause, please help me with more details:

All money would be collected after the race. Race organizers use an electronic chip which is attached to the shoe. This chip measures how much I ran and the time I took! (so that you are sure of my claims 😀 ) I would contact you to collect funds after the run along with my completion certificates.

Looking forward to your motivation to run for the cause.

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