Phokte Dara Trek

Phokte Dara Trek

Phokte Dara in Sikkim is a very special and hidden place. a wonderful panoramic view, a true delight for mountain lover. This place is very special as world’s highest mountain…Read more

Trek to Kudremukh peak

Kudremukh Peak is the one of the highest peak in Karnataka and highest in the Kudremukh national park also known as Kudremukha National park. This peak lies about 1892 meters…Read more

Sitanadi and Varahi rafting near Udipi

Rivers of Varahi and Sita are ideal for rafting in Udipi district on East Karnataka. Rafting here is possible during rains when water levels are high. Rafting in Sitanadi and…Read more

Tata Steel Adventure Foundation

"It is not the species with the greatest strength, nor the one with the highest intelligence that survives, but the one that is most adaptable to change." This is what…Read more

Back to Harishchandragad (17-18 May)

This year I could hardly do any treks. Had been busy with the course and also not many trekking opportunities near XLRI and Jamshedpur. I had trekked to Dalma in…Read more

White Water rafting in Dandeli

Dandeli is ideal mix of nature and adventure. Situated on the banks of river Kali it is excellent White water rafting location in Western India. Large number of rivers originate…Read more

Kalindi Khal Pass Trek

King of Himalayan Treks: Kalindi Khal Pass Expedition (Written by Sameer Kelkar) 16 June 2006 : 5950metres, 19500feet above sea level, dividing the watersheds of the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda river…Read more

Trek to Dadimaa (8 July 2006)

You must have also experienced this, you are searching for something and search all places for it and finally find it somewhere known to you. You didnt look at this…Read more

Trek to Harishchandragad 2006

LOVE ON THE EDGE I have been watching the movie “Love on the edge”. The story goes like this; while filming for her move the actress, Mallory begins an affair…Read more