Experiments with CV – unconventional approach

In view of my campus placements at XLRI I had been experimenting with my Cirriculum Vitae/CV. I have identified some key issues. These were especially true for internship or summer placements.

Most of the recruiting managers do not have time to read the entire CV. In the initial stage, CV’s are generally used for process of elimination rather selection. I know cases where HR manager selects 20 people from 120 CVs during the 20 minute drive from airport to campus. Thus first objective is to make CV stand out, help manager get key information in shortest time period.

Once the CV passes through elimination, it should possess all relevant information, without missing any. This calls for following some standard conventions, which stress on standard modules in CV like Academic information, professional experience, Position in leadership, etc.

This was specific problem which I had encountered, or most people with work experience might have. Most of the traditional CV are chronological CV or functional CV. For me with enough to write on projects done during previous job, it is difficult to choose between chronological or functional format. Often this made my CV run beyond 2 pages. Setting priority to different content was also difficult.

During my experiments, I have tried to create a CV format which tries to overcome above difficulties. However I am not sure, how HR managers or recruiters would respond to this. I wish to know your feedback on the same – Did this CV format help you give more information in less time? Your take on acceptability of the CV in the market?

So far I have tested this format with my collegues, friends, placement consultants, few HR managers. Response till date had been encouraging.

Here I would like to share my CV. People can feel free copying the format (Copyleft policy!).

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