XL Yearbook Testimonials

Last month, I have been receiving testimonials for our college yearbook. I have to select only 10 out of these which would be published in the book. Thought I should give them space here.
Thanks for all the nice words 😉 ! It had been great interacting with you. I have enjoyed every moment here; last two years had been the happiest moments in life!
nick: forest gump
caught saying: rarely speaks
most likely to endorse: puma shoes
A calm, cool and composed person. He knows exactly what he wants from his life. An avid adventurer, nature lover, internet maniac and a close follower of market. A true believer of Karma yoga. His quest for learning is phenomenal. I wish this forest gump,half-marathon racer to finish the full marathon of 42 kms. I am lucky to have a friend like you and all the very best for all ur future endeavours.
(M Satya Kalyan aka chotu)
nick: KMC
KMC!!!!! �� Mr. Fundoo, Mr. Know it All, Wud be money-spinner@SBI Caps, Our stud boy of internet, Bond of studies but but but �� a Chiri-maar who ignored XL birds, titli-baaj that�s never goes for butterflies, Tree man who hugs only trees, Mowgli without Radha, Running Dream Run but with no Dream gal, Tarzan without Jenny ��. KMC � Mard ban, Be a Man!!! [� Pitega Saala :)]
(Vivek Sapre aka Sapre)
nick: Causal Sanyal
came to XL for: getting a label to his talents
and ended up: doing whatever he liked
most likely to endorse: Intel
A very respected person on campus and obviously a notch above many as far as non-latent talent is concerned. Very hardworking and honest person who is 100% sure about himself. As you keep achieving new heights please dont let your character be shadowed by pride or ego and stay as focussed and helpful to people as you can.
(Arindam Acharyya aka charlie, adindum)
nick: KMC
Gossips/Rumours: hmmm�I missed to create one
most likely to endorse: Sports shoes
This undisputed consultant of the batch is always more than eager for bird watching, traversing unheard off places made many a lazy XLers run and that too eagerly for a noble purpose. This ever helpful down to earth personality disguises one of the sharpest brains I have ever met. Well, words are indeed poor conveyors and to put it tersely, KMC rocks.
(Utpal Soni aka soni)
nick: KauMoChan
came to XL for: FreeDum
theme song: Race sasoon ki race dharkan ki , my heart is racing On
most likely to endorse: Nike Running Shoes
One of the most sincere , dedicated , deligent guys of the batch. One of the most inspiring guys people that i came across.Kudos to his self belief and devotion
(Pritam Sinha aka chotu)
nick: KMC, KauMoChan, KaushalDa
came to XL for: starting a venture he had long in his mind
and ended up: becoming the poster boy of XLRI for marathons
Gossips/Rumours: You�re kiddin me!!!
theme song: Sindbad the sailor
most likely to endorse: Joomla 😀
His simple demeanor completely camouflages the talent in him. Where most people at a b-school are busy getting CV points, he is one of those few who do things for the love of it. And trust me on this, there is no chance of you not becoming a fan of this guy within a few meetings. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kaushal since the first day of XL. Best of luck for your future. Will wait for that FreeDum launch of yours.
(Chintan Agarwal aka chintu)
nick: KMC, Kau Mau Chau
Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hain, Pata Chala Hain�
most likely to endorse: McKinsey
A true gem of a person, who has a wide array of interests and still has all the time in the world!!! Extremely hardworking and helpful, his dedication and sincerity is truly inspiring. Yeh XL ki kudiyoon ka nahin Nature aur Adventure ka deewaana hain!! One of the few persons I enjoyed working with �.yeah no late night meetings!! Banda yeh bindaas hain�.. wishing you all the success in life!!!
(Vaibhav Jain aka Jani)
Someone once said,� Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything�. But Kaushal never fall for anything because his �fundas� in life are crystal-clear. And to top it all, his down-to-earth demeanor balances his cyclone-like-personality, making him truly awe-inspiring. I had the best time of my life conceptualizing and organizing the biggest event of XL, the Dream Run, with him. I have learned alot from whatever little time I�ve spent with him, and sincerely hope to do more so in the future.
(Harbir Singh Rissam aka rissam)
The perfect project team member, and i guess i�ve had this advantage many times :)! I guess our definitions of timepass may not have a single point of intersection :D! The only one here i could share �tech news� with! Analytical mind, superb time-manager, clarity of thought � but it wasn�t for nothing i wrote the first sentence :D! I�ve always envied him for the various things he involves himself in! You�ll make the perfect manager :)!
(Naween Kumar aka novino)
caught saying: Rather caught running
came to XL for: learning
and ended up: teaching the entire batch a thing or two
most likely to endorse: Joomla
Every once in a while you come across a person who you thing cannot exist. That�s because he doesn�t bitch, always manages to talk sense, is supremely intelligent, EXTREMELY talented, multi faceted & always keeps himself busy. He has the audacity to defy ALL STUPID rules and REALLY live life by his rules alone. I admire him for his courage and his self belief. See you in Mumbai Kaushal
(Ankur Saboo aka Sabooji)
It is rare to meet such outstanding persons as Kaushal. Extremely intelligent, steadfast dedication to any cause he chooses, passionate about different things in life from nature to work, calm cool and innovative, who speaks Spanish as well as his Marathi 🙂 He would be the only person on campus with a disciplined lifestyle and clear focus in life. It has been an honour to know him!
(Trupti Bagwe aka Trups)
nick: KauMoChan
came to XL for: MBA
and ended up: Running the Mumbai Half-marathon!!
Gossips/Rumours: He�s going to run the full marathon at Delhi
theme song: Haan yahin rasta hai tera.. 🙂
most likely to endorse: Running Gear
Things I like most in Kaushal: 1.Will-power (displayed during prepn for marathon) 2.Love for adventure & wild-life 3.Down-to-earth nature 4.Tech-savviness 5.His generous smile 🙂
(Mayank Meenketan aka sahaab)
came to XL for: doing the most different things
and ended up: institutionalise running, looking at birds and trees 🙂
Gossips/Rumours: abt kaushal?
most likely to endorse: running shoes
of the close to 600 XLers ive interacted with, 1 guy i admire the MOST is Kaushal Chandak. He is the most different and makes his own path rather than following one. Great ideas�greater execution. He is some1 i�ll aspire to be�very effective wid whateva he does, he chooses to be extremely low key and let others have the limelight. He has done what no1 else cud have thot of�blogs for birds and tress, the XL dream run, the batch portal and many more. U rock dude..hats off to u 🙂
(Saurabh Bagrodia aka bugs, papa)
came to XL for: MBA
and ended up: running, watching birds and naming trees..
Gossips/Rumours: i heard he fell in love with this tree near the libraray..4th from north west
theme song: dauda dauda bhaga bhaga sa
most likely to endorse: PCBTJT�prevention of cruelty to birds trees and jogging tracks
This guys is a wiz!!.no doubt nd its a pleasure knowing him.He knows his stuff and worse he knows ur stuff too.A maverick types.He his the kind who stays away from limelight and under the surface yet capable enuff of running the show single handed.He inspires not by words but by deeds. This space is 2 less to speak about him.da least i can say is that if u have kc in ur friend list u will never have a virus long enuff in ur �..lappy offcourse!!!
(Kuldeep K aka KK)
nick: KMC, KauMohChan
caught saying: Chal daudne
came to XL for: Studies
and ended up: being Forrest Gump!
Gossips/Rumours: None
theme song: Yeh Kaisi duad hain!
most likely to endorse: Running Shoes
The �king-maker�. He will remain behind the scenes, but still be the brain behind everything. Be it Parichay, the Dream-Run, the ISB Metamorphosis! He does not like publicity � I still remember one of the juniors asking, �who on earth is Kaushal Chandak, I want to meet this guy!� Apart from this KMC is known for his Forrest Gump image, photography skills, adventure, FreeDum, Website creator and his skills in completing projects much before time. Ah well, with some short temper here! Sorry! JJ
(Darshan Rathod aka DJ)
Well if you want to see determination personified you should see this guy.Do not ever neglect him as he knows what he wants to do in life and will do that inspite of all odds.A real gem of a person Kaushal is a great marathon runner and web designer.All the best for your marathons of future.
(Mukund Madhav)
nick: Kaushal Kaka
Spent a lot of time with kaushal on Parichay. He�s amazing fun to work with. Undoubtedly a great asset to any team. Out-of-the-box thinking, varied know how and amazing analytical skills. This with un-matched dedication is Kaushal for you. Always ready to extend a helping hand. Very down-to-earth, very humble, very straight. Learnt a lot of things from this guy. Wish you all success for the future.
(Siddharth Shah aka Sidbadshah, baby)
The most disciplined person at XL. Extremely intelligent, focussed and hardworking Kaushal is also tech savvy� and led the Joomla revolution at XL. An entrepreneur at heart he is the man behind XL dream run. I will always admire the way you work ! Am sure you�ll go on to achieve great things in life� Do keep in touch.
(Abisheg aka A-Lee)
Its been a privilege interacting with Kaushal. Immensely talented and resourceful, he has always been most helpful and a pleasure to work with. An avid trekker, traveller and naturist, his interests are myriad. Kaushal had taken up numerous ventures in these 2 years and he has assiduously made sure that all of them have been huge successes. His determination to achieve goals is legendary! He trained months on end to run the Mumbai marathon. Way to go Kaushal.. keep in touch 🙂
(Amit Sinha aka Sinha)
If Ganguly can be considered as the god of offside.. Kaushal can be considered as the god of management studies� he is highly structure in solving any problem, he is extremely innovative be it new product or new website design or project report and it goes endless�he is the role model or benchmark for many in the batch.. He is the brain behind the XL dream run and he is passionate about long distance running, nature(specially birds), adventure trips and trekking�
(Nithyanandham aka nithi)
There are layers to his personality that really amaze me. A true intellectual that he is, it is always a pleasure interacting with him. The knowledge the perspective that he brings to discussions actually inspires others. But above all he is a very down to earth, fun person to be with. Carries absolutely no airs and I have approached him many a times for guidance and gyaan. Wish you all the best Kaushal and hope you are able to run the full marathon.
(Omkar Nayak aka Omi)
kaushal..a simple but intelligent guy, who lives his life the way he likes and hardly perturbed by others around.. i respect him for this nature of his..all the best sir!!
(Abhilash S aka Soman)
nick: Kau Mau Chau
I am proud to be a close friend of this true genuis of our batch. Talented, resourceful, a person who can stand for his principles � these all are some of his qualities.If he decides something, it gets done (remember XL dreamrun) A very helpful person, one will never find him wasting a moment of his time, he can always be seen doing something to help someone out.He will excel whereever he goes. I wish him a happy life.
(Meetesh Patel aka patelbhai, mitmitmit)
caught saying: I didnt do anything�they deserve the credit�
came to XL for: enlightening the rest of us�
and ended up: questioning stereotypes, getting lazy XLers to run..!
Gossips/Rumours: I missed it if there was any�
most likely to endorse: Mother Nature.. 🙂
If something needs to be done differently, Kaushal�s the guy who will do it�Soft spoken, humble and forever smiling, he is probably the only XLer who finishes projects BEFORE time!! Adventure sports, bird watching, running, blogging his interests are many �Its been inspiring to watch you work your magic for the last two years..Wish you great luck for everything!
(Harsha Khubchandani aka HK)
nick: Forrest Gump
theme song: Born to Run
most likely to endorse: Gatorade, Moodle
A man with a genuine love for nature� too evident on those birdwatching (yes, the REAL birds) trips� and his passion for running, geeky stuff, and life in general is unparalleled, and infectious.
(Sumit Singla aka sumitrocks)
nick: KMC, KauMoChow
For all that i heard peer learning in MBA,Kaushal sums it up.Thanks to his contrasting room mate,its been interesting to meet someone so prompt at work,organised,straight-forward and one of the smartest guys i met.
(Kartheek Kanumuru aka KK)
nick: chandak
kaafi kam iitian 12 baje sote hai, kaushal inme se ek hai , ajeeb ajeeb shauk hai inke , first year me chidiyo ka mail bhejte the , second year mai pedo ka, xlri ka har resource ka sangrah hai inke paas, saare group members ka kaam khud hi kar dete hai isliye mujhe yeh bada afsos hoga ki mai inke section me nahi tha
(Mithun Pandey aka PonD)
nick: KMC,KauMoChan
came to XL for: i still can�t understand 🙂
most likely to endorse: 43things
without a doubt,the most exceptional individual i ever met.always an inspiration,simply for his ability to manage diverse things.and to top it all,he can even write 🙂
(Dr. Sandeep Kumar aka Sandy)

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